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Alpha Tango releases two CDs!


Under the Bimba Blossoms


In a forest on an island where two rivers meet, spring brings a riot of activity. Krishna has come to earth to cavort with the female cowherds, or gopis. As he seduces the women with his flute playing, Radha, Krishna’s true love, wanders the forest searching for him, longing to join with him. Her friend and confidante, or Sakhi, sings to her, to heighten the mood. When Radha comes upon Krishna in his love play and speaks to him, Krishna forgets what he’s doing, and can think only of Radha. Radha is hurt and angry but still wants him, and she runs off to hide in the forest. Her Sahki acts as go between, embellishing messages, elaborately telling each what the other is going through, and giving the lovers advice. Krishna is remorseful. He implores Radha to forgive him. She refuses. While they are apart, Radha imagines Krishna making love to another very beautiful woman. Krishna finally charms Radha with submissive words, placing her foot upon his head. Heightened by the experience of separation and jealousy, they make up and make love. In the morning, Krishna gently helps Radha put on her clothes and makeup before she returns to her household.

Featuring Michael White, Michael Nicollela, Vishal Nagar, Richard Middleton, Todd Gowers, Liz Dreisbach, Tom Fallat, Heidi Drucker and many other musicians. This complex CD production with 12 page booklet tells the sensuous and sexy love story of Krishna and Radha in an eclectic and experimental mix of musical styles from contemporary to ancient. Sometimes sensitive and sometimes irreverent, words adapted from the ancient Sanskrit tell a timeless story of love.

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A Hundred Blooms (extended mix)

Music for Relaxation and Meditation
A companion volume to “Under the Bimba Blossoms”

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A single 52 minute track, A Hundred Blooms Extended Mix is based on the Indian Rag Kaunsi Bhairavi Misra
in the meter or Tal Pancham Savari (15 beats). Predominantly instrumental featuring the instrumental solos of Sura Charlier on bamboo flute, Larry Ludwig on Sitar, Michael White on violin, Greg Powers on Trombone, Vishal Nagar on tabla, and the vocals of Heidi Drucker singing the 13th Century words of Jayadeva, this dreamy song describes a sensual spring in India where lovers both separated and together feel undeniable longings for each other. A Hundred Blooms can be heard in its original shorter form on the album Under the Bimba Blossoms. This version features extended improvisations played for us by the talented musicians who contributed to the creation of both CDs.


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